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Once Upon A Time….

Someone created a Digital Library about the Gingerbread Castle, as part of degree requirements for a Masters in Information Science at Rutgers University. This site is the output of that academic project. The Planning work for this digital library began in late September of 2011;  the library came online in February 2012, and remained in development until its “formal” launch on April 28th, 2012.

A supporting academic paper is available, that discusses the work involved in planning,  designing, executing, launching and monitoring utilization and feedback metrics.

If any user of the Library sees an error, or is concerned about the content appearing, please contact the Project Librarian via the site, and be patient, but the site will be moderated ongoing.

Currently the site is funded to remain active for three years – 2012, 2013 and 2014, but longer term funding of the hosting has not yet been arranged.


  • If you have personal stories, souvenirs, photos or movies to share, please contact the project librarian by posting to this site. Or join in the conversation on Facebook: Gingerbread Castle Memories
  • Additionally, we hope the history and significance of this wonderful landmark will inspire new artistic endeavors. If you create something special, we hope that you will share it with this digital library to add to the legacy of the Castle.
  • If you have items of historical significance related to Hamburg, please consider contacting the Hamburg Historical Society about these materials.


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