Unanswered Questions and Unfinished Business

In the course of developing this digital library, a series of questions developed and many have been answered through research and the efforts of the collaborators who contributed.

These are some unanswered questions, if you know the answer please let the project librarian know.

  • When did the Castle first get a Telephone?
  • When was Hamburg first electrified as a community?  What impact did that have on the Castle Historic District?
  • Exactly when was Thomas Edison at the Mill area?
  • Did any famous visitors tour the castle? With over a million visitors, can anyone name any noteworthy guests?
  • How much time did Joseph Urban spend at the site itself?
  • Are there any images of Joseph Urban at the Castle?
  • When did Hamburg officially adopt it’s tagline – The Children’s Town?
  • Does anyone have the recipe for the gingerbread sold?
  • Does anyone have the original tour script?
  • Does anyone have the clipping of the opening of the Hamburg School Library in the 1960′s?
  • The history of lost amusement parks of New Jersey should be linked to this site in the future.
  • The other uses of the Castle, post its time as an amusement park, were outside the scope of this project but can be explored in the future.
  • Does anyone have a comprehensive history of the spice ginger, and I do not mean a singer, rather the culinary spice?

Unfinished Business:

  • Plans to host a Milk-Bone “tasting” for a Beagle are still in the works.
  • Many phone interviews still need to be completed, with Train Conductors, Hansels, Gretels — too many to name, but we will call you!
  • Remaining Fairy Tale Jokes need to be loaded.
  • The Gingerbread Castle Cake and Custom Cookie Orders.
  • Obtain article that appeared in May 1934, Architecture Magazine, 39 page Tribute to Joseph Urban.
  • Research Nyholm and Lincoln Photography Studio; they captured the Castle at the Opening.
  • Continue work with NJ Digital Highway.



If you have answers, give a shout out below.  If you have MORE questions, shout that out too, in the box below.    Need to keep those librarians busy helping find and organize information.

5 thoughts on “Unanswered Questions and Unfinished Business

  1. What ever happened to all the pictures the manager, Wanda, took of all the guides every year? She did this every year so there should be a collection of them somewhere.

    • That sounds like a great thing to investigate. Does anyone know Wanda, or her family, so that we could research this? No one had mentioned this before, but if you know of a way to explore this, even her last name, it would be great if you could share it.

  2. Judy – This work is brilliant!

    A bit of information:
    One of the train drivers was Bob Labance, Franklin, NJ

    Hansel – Gary Kovach, Shohola, PA
    Gretel – Marilyn Hankins, Hope, NJ

    Also – I have some memorabilia if you are interested. I will donate anything
    I have.

  3. It is sad to hear that the castle’s future is so uncertain and that it is abandon. I recently read an article about it being in the hands of a developer. I have always wanted to see it in person, just never made it to NJ. Fred H Bennett was my great grandfather. I have a book of his photos, letters, press releases, etc. from the castle if it may be interest. Let me know

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