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Considering using the themes presented in this site – Children, Commerce, Community and Culture to help inspire students to tell their own stories.

The stories told by the ancients, what we know as Classical Studies, are later retold and re-shaped by the Grimm Brothers, and later in operas, plays, booklets, puppet shows, and in digital media as well.   Story telling binds everyone together across time.

Local History binds communities together and a small town, like Hamburg New Jersey, and bigger towns as well, benefits from its rich history.

  • National Core Curriculum – Folktales are Universal
  • International Children’s Digital Library
  • New Jersey History  – Fourth Grade Teachers have a special passion for New Jersey’s Rich History – If you are doing something interesting in this area, tell us about it!
  • Funny Business – Fairy Tale Inspired Jokes 
  • If you would like to host a display about the Castle – contact the Hamburg Historical Society or the project librarian.
  • Here is information on a recent display, in Cranford New Jersey.

Library Display.Gingerbread Castle 2012

Write Your Childhood Memories Down for Future Generations to Enjoy

Rub A Dub Dub - Three Men In a Tub!

Never underestimate the power of a teacher to inspire a child - If you had a teacher who inspired you, tell us about it!

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