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“Take some small stones so you can find your way back,

the bread didn’t work out very well for us, that one time.”


We have included links to Historical Societies, Libraries, Museums, Landmarks in New Jersey, Blogs, Videos, as well as original content.

Get Lost!

Go away from this page!!  Go get lost learning all you can about the Gingerbread Castle, about Hamburg and life in small towns across the United States.

Find Your Way Back!

Even if you discover some nasty bits along the journey, like a mean witch who torques your jaw so badly that you can’t even eat a bagel anymore, trust me, those people always get what is coming to them.  They NEVER get to be the tour guides…. that is reserved for the nice people, the helpful people, the people who will steer you back in the right direction.

Go take a Hike!

Check out Highpoint, or walk a little of the Appalachian Trail as it snakes through New Jersey, step away from your screen and listen to the Walkill river as it flows UP the map. Get some fresh air, and take a Gingerbread Cookie along with you for energy.

Other Suggestions for Life Long Learning?  

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