Hampton Save-A-Landmark Program

In 2000, the Hampton Hotels organization launched a “Hampton Save-A-Landmark,” a community-outreach campaign dedicated to refurbishing historical, fun and cultural landmarks.    Their program has provided thousands of hours and more than $2 million dollars toward the research and preservation of roadside landmarks for future generations.

In 2006, the Save-A-Landmark program was honored with the 2006 Preserve America Presidential Award—the first hotel chain ever recognized by the U.S. president for its preservation efforts.

In 2004, they directly provided support to Hamburg’s Gingerbread Castle;  sending employees from their organization to participate in a site clean up project as well as providing funds for restoration work. The story of their preservation support for the Gingerbread Castle Site is documented on their website, and provides a fun overview of their many other projects.




One thought on “Hampton Save-A-Landmark Program

  1. Great job Judy. I just started poking around before my flight to Chicago. You did a superb job. I know you had a lo of help, but it was your passion and enthusiasm for this special place that brought it all together. I am very proud of what you accomplished.

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