Gingerbread and Economics – A Recipe 

The Gingerbread Librarian wants to be sure that everyone is aware that Economics makes the world go round.  The Librarian did not learn this in college, getting her economics degree, but rather she learned it ALL, or most of it, at the Hardyston Elementary School, on Route 23, in New Jersey, from her teacher Mr. Erikson.

Mr. Erikson, a smart, wonderful educator, taught the seventh graders about the Income Flow Diagram and he made the class recite it by memory.

Sounds like this:

“Land, Labor, Capital, Ownership <pause> Rent, Wages, Interest Profits”

You can say it with a sing song voice, like a little seventh grade girl, or you can say it with a big stern, Alan Greenspan-ish voice, but either way, that is what makes the world turn.

You can add other things to your diagram too!  Draw in the Government. Draw in Institutions such as Educational and Religious buildings.  Add cute things, if you like,  draw a sun, grass, trees, and city buildings, too. Suddenly, you are feeling like Harold and his Purple Crayon (if he was an Economics professor.)

No matter what though, your picture must include the big “8″: “Land, Labor, Capital, Ownership, Rent, Wages, Interest Profits”

Clearly, this left a mark. Can you love a diagram?  I think I it might be possible, in a magical place like Northern New Jersey, anything is possible.

The Gingerbread Castle Site ties this whole economics story up in a nutshell. Read the clippings, Gingerbread history has it all. The Wheatsworth Mill/Gingerbread Castle complex is a crazy commercial soup of sorts… thrown together with the following recipe:

  • A Pre-Industrial Revolution, Industrial Site
  • American Consumer Products
  • Merchandising!
  • Working Papers and Labor Issues
  • Real Estate Deals
  • The Emergence of Markeing and Brand Power
  • The rise and fall of corporations
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Marketing History
  • Impacts of War on Business

…Mix well and don’t forget to garnish with Fairy Tale Creatures, a boy named Hansel, a Girl named Gretel, and a Witch.  Serve with Gingerbread on the side.

If we have any missing ingredients, magical or commerce related, be sure to let us know.


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