The Next Chapter?

The Story Continues….

On May 16th, 2012 Preservation New Jersey Named the Castle and the Historic Mill area to their Top Ten Most Endangered List for 2012.   We hope this brings renewed focus to the much needed restoration work on the Castle and Mill to preserve them for future generations to visit.

Today the Castle is owned by a privately held company.

This company, Amazing Stone Works of Hamburg New Jersey, has restored the hall, where the Castle Restaurant once operated.  Their website showcases the Castle and provides a modern tour via a slide show.  Restoration efforts are mentioned, and Humpty Dumpty seems like a likely first candidate for his much needed repairs!

Restoration is a massive, but certainly admirable goal.  For anyone taking the time to visit this digital library, we are likely all eager to see The Gingerbread Castle returned to its former glory;  at this time,  there are no other details on that available to the project librarian.   As we learn more we will update this section.

Good Luck to Amazing Stone Works!  Let us know how we can help in this effort.

May 16, 2012 – Update:

Amazing Stone Works posted a blog written by the Gingerbread Librarian mentioning this digital library project.  Thank you, that was very kind.

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