If there is one thing that is true, it is that we all started out at exactly the same place. Childhoods can be fun and delightful, and they can also be something very different.

The Gingerbread Castle helped children face their fears, learn their lessons (Don’t Touch The Cookies on the Building!) and, for a mere 75 cents or less,  get a little break from their daily grind:

Going to school, watching Dark Shadows (The TV Show) and playing “Kick the Can” – or whatever you did with your family when you were six or seven.

In the Gingerbread Castle Years so much happened that shaped childhoods:

Wars were fought, Spaceships were designed, TVs found their way into homes, Computers found their way into homes, Rock Groups were formed, Brands were created, Rosa took a seat on the bus… we can list 100 more things that shook it all up and put it all back together again.  We are all Humpty Dumpty and his crazy twin, Dumpty Humpty, we just don’t realize it, it sneaks up on us and we need to look back and reflect on it from time to time.

Please write Your Childhood Memories Down for Future Generations to Enjoy




2 thoughts on “Children

  1. Sitting along side of the small pond they had full of gold fish and ducks with my mother and younger brother as we waited for my sister to get done working her shift in the castle. We would bring bread to feed the ducks and corn for the fish. But the best part was listening to my mother sing to us as we tended to the fish and ducks. My brother and I would always ask mom to sing another song when she was done with the last. As always it would be time to leave and head home. But mom would always say that we have tomorrow, and we will come back. We did this for several years, three times to four times a week. Things have changed since then. Mom has passed and we all moved and grew up and have our own families. But you know, I was home last month and went down to walk around. Things have changed and the fish and ducks are gone. But I can still hear my mother singing as the wind blew and the tress rustled. Some things will always be there no matter what.

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