Castle Inspired Art and Artists

As you explore the creation of the Gingerbread Castle and the artistic legacy of Joseph Urban, consider making your own art! Art matters and it comes in so many amazing forms. Artists come in all shapes and sizes and from many backgrounds, this library focuses on three groups of Artists:

  • Artists who created the Castle
  • Artists who supported the Castle
  • Artists who reflected on the Castle

Hamburg is a relatvely small place with only 3,000 people or so, one of New Jersey’s smallest towns, but it is an artistic gem!  Many artistic people who got their start right near the Gingerbread Castle, why even Hamburg’s Street Signs are works of art!

Here are some examples:

Essays  Several people contributed to the Library by writing original essays – such as “Cookie Girl” created by Heidi Hess Saxton, raised in Hamburg, who grew up to become a published author.

Placemat by Walter Bjorck, Jr.






Design and Music – While you are looking at this site, maybe you should listen to some music?  Jeff Bjorck creates amazing music.  Raised in Hamburg, by two artistic parents, one of which is the creator of the Gingerbread Castle Placemat, featured in the Gallery. Jeff began creating music at the age of ten and his creative work also extends to other media including photography, illustration, painting, and poetry.

Jeff Bjorck







Photography   To help promote collection development for this library, the project librarian drove through Hamburg to explore its Castle Inspired Streets, creating this photo collage to send to people who had Castle related materials.

Photo collage-

Display Design    To promote the history of the Castle, the Cranford Public Library, in Cranford, New Jersey,  hosted a display about the Gingerbread Castle. Design of this display was a creative work of sorts.


More Ideas?
Several ideas emerged throughout the development of this Library, more ideas than time to execute them. If you are feeling artistically inclined please use these ideas or add your own to the list.    Please contact us to share your idea or your work.

Ideas to get you started:

  • Chess Set
  • Book Ends
  • Cookie Jar
  • Mural Design
  • Quilt Design
  • Bulletin Board Design
  • Play
  • Modern Opera
  • Graphic Novel
  • Puppet Show
  • Digital Art

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