Building a Digital Library – The Challenges

What I learned in the course of building my first digital library:

  • However much time you think you have, it is not enough time do all the tasks.
  • If you ask people to help you, they always do.
  • If you ask people to share their stories, they are always interesting and helpful.
  • If you think putting a video on the internet is difficult, it really is not hard to do.
  • If you think putting meta data on every record is easy, it is actually harder than it sounds.
  • If you scan images in gigantic high quality files, you will deeply regret it because you can’t do anything with those gigantic files.
  • It is easy to become obsessed with obtaining more content, at the expense of time spent editing and consolidating what you have already.
  • You can actually build a digital library on a shoe-string budget.
  • Reminds me of having a baby; you will eventually want to do consider doing it again, even if it was very laborious and even scary at times.

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